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Custom Curved Drapery Tracks

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Drapery Tracks

Drapery tracks have become the most popular window treatments specified by architects and designers today. Discovering new and innovative applications of drapery tracks is an endless journey.

Drapery tracks come in different sizes each with particular purposes in mind. Determining the right custom drapery track for a project often comes down to a combination of fabric choice and installed height. Most tracks can handle light fabrics in very wide and high installations, while others are made to handle heavy installations such as for theaters.

The design of the fabric panels themselves (Pinch pleated, ripplefold, etc.) play a big role in drapery track selection. The most important factor is total weight.

Drapery tracks are available with wall, ceiling or recessed ceiling mounts. Tracks are great for L-shaped windows, bay and curved windows, curved shower curtains, and oval and circular tracks. Many tarcks are provided with hand drawn (baton), cord or motorized operation.

It can not be stressed enough but hire a professional when it comes to custom drapery tracks. The variables are too many and varied. For those particular projects, we provide custom curved drapery tracks with on-site template creation.

High Sheer Drapes

Small Track Profiles for light fabrics in small windows, boats or airplanes in residential or commercial spaces. May be custom curved.

Medium Track Profiles for light and medium weight fabrics with manual batton, cord or motorized controls. Great for all sorts of spaces residential or commercial.

Heavy Track Profiles for heavy fabrics with lining, interlining or black out linings with cord, battery or motorized operation. Gliders are available that can support 31 pounds every 3 inches and motors exist that can pull 100 pounds straight.

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