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Anti Glare Window Shades

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Anti-Glare Window Roller Shades

Daylight by Design. Expanding glare-free daylight is the inspiration behind this series of roller shades with pivoting glare panels. Single or multiple pivoting "lightshelves" may be added to the top of either a single or dual roller shade.

Operable light shelves are between 10 and 22 inches deep in single installations of up to 96 inches wide. For spaces with exceptionally high ceilings, such as lobbies, where the lightshelves need not be operable, the panels may engineered for larger individual sizes.

Roller Shade with anti-glare piviting panel

Dayliter Shading System

In addition to a wand or pole option, the lightshelf element may be powered by a low-voltage DC motor which is matched in the roller shade for full synchronization. This allows the Dayliter Shade to be incorporated into any Building Automation System or to have numerous individual control options including Smart phone apps.