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Window Roller Shades

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Roller Shades

Since their invention in the late eighteen hundreds, roller shades have evolved into an essential window treatment providing an enormous range of solutions for sun and shading problems. In addition, they can be strikingly beautiful and elegant solutions to design problems that can not be dealt with in any other way.

Sun Decor Fabrics remains at the cutting edge of roller shade development. Such as offering shades that not only filter out harmful solar rays but can be solar powered.

A wide selection of fabrics are available including solar and black-out materials. Shades may house basic or reverse roller presentations with either chain or motorized controls.

A Selection of Roller Shade Types
  • Basic Roller Shades
  • Reversed Roller Shades
  • Side by Side Roller shades
  • Overlap Roller Shades
  • Dual Roller Shades
  • Day & Night Roller Shades
  • Recessed Roller Shades
  • Solar Roller Shades
  • Black-Out Roller Shades
  • Decorative Roller Shades
  • Hygienic Roller Shades
NICE Remote Control NICE Remote Control NICE Remote Control NICE Remote Control NICE Remote Control

NICE - Elero Motors and Controls

All motorized shades at Sun Decor Fabrics feature Nice-Elero motors and control technology. Either by wall switches or hand held remote activation, control your roller shades with precision and ease.

One and five channel hand-held radio transmitters are available controlling multiple shades at once or individually. Feedback is visualized via LED displays.

A new, touchless wall switch may now be used allowing simple hand gestures to control the position of roller shades.