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Window Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Since thier invention in the late eighteen hundreds, roller shades have evolved into an essential window treatment providing an enormous range of solutions for sun and shading problems. In addition, they can be strikingly beautiful and elegant solutions to design problems that can not be dealt with in any other way.

Sun Decor Fabrics remains at the cutting edge of roller shade development. Such as offering shades that not only filter out harmful solar rays but can now be solar powered.

Continued development in inner spring assist technology is allowing for wider and wider single roll installations keeping pace with fabrics widths now approaching 126 inches. Side by side or overlap designs extend this width even farther.

Recent progress in tubular motors is providing more lift strength capacities to accommodate today’s use of large windows: glass condominiums, lobbies, hotels, restaurants, spas, airports, etc. A single motorized roller shade can be 20 feet wide with light weight fabrics - railroaded sheer or solar shading materials. Additionally many designs offer motor and fittings housed inside the tube for easy installation and operation. Paired with hand remote controls and wall switches, it has never been easier to manage light filtering.