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Ultra Violet Self Cleaning Roller Shades

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Anti-Bacterial Self Cleaning Roller Shades

Using the disinfecting properties of Ultra Violet light against bacteria and viruses, this self-disinfecting roller shade is the perfect solution for hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes and care homes.

Privacy curtains are among the highest risk touch points in hospitals for spreading infections. Some studies suggest that 92% of curtains become contaminated with bacteria within one week of being cleaned.

These self-cleaning roller shades are so easy to use. The three minute disinfection process is initiated with a simple button press on the control panel reducing costs related to hospital infections, cleaning and cleaning staff.

UV Light Self Cleaning Roller Shades

These roller shades provide a silent, motorized solution for clinical cubicles and windows. Besides the traditional role of shielding the light and providing privacy, these self-cleaning shades contribute greatly in maintaining the health of patients, visitors and staff. The system bathes the cloth fabric in disinfecting Ultra Violet light (UV-C 254nm wavelength) every time the “disinfect” button is pressed. The three passes take about three minutes to complete reducing contaminants by up to 99%.

A simple and functional control panel allows the staff to raise and lower the cloth panel(s) as needed, initiate fabric panel disinfecting or extent the cloth panel for removal. The panel is also convenient for the visually impaired.