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Reversed Roller Shades

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Reversed Roller Shades

Taking the roller shade and flipping it on the mount allows the shade material to flow over the top of the roll thereby hiding the roll from view. If deep enough and without obstruction, this manner of installation is suitable for inside the frame or IB mounts.

Roller shades can provide an enormous range of solutions to sun and shading problems. In addition, they can be strikingly beautiful, providing elegant solutions to design problems that can not be dealt with in any other way.

In some circumstanes, an optional hidden zipper may be specified allowing for the easy removal of the shade material without dismantling the entire system.

Super wide single roller shades

Extra Wide Single Roller Shades

Modern interior design projects are tending to single pane extra wide windows. Current technology allows for a single roller shade to complement that design approach. Usually a reversed roll inside mount roller shade lends itself well to this purpose. Many light weight solar shading materials are available.

With metal rollers, shades may be customized up to 14 feet wide. Spring assist hand operation is offered for larger installations.