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Aluminum Lined Solar Fabric

Summer! The time of year when interior design professionals realize that they need to specify Solar Shades.  For 25 years, Sun Decor Fabrics, has offered solar shading solutions that combine interesting fabrics with solar protection techniques and hardware to fit the needs and character of your project.HardScreen-Alu
Fabric lends its own character in a room through its texture, weave, environmental impact and wear.  Be sure to select a fabric which is in proper alignment with your project’s character.  May I suggest an interesting option, “HardScreen-Alu”.  Although still a solar material in that it has tiny perforations allowing a controlled amount of light to pass through, this technical textile features a thin layer of aluminum bouncing back UV rays. “HardScreen-Alu” may be sourced for Roller Blinds, Sliding Panels & Vertical blinds.  Available in seven colors: Black, Charcoal, Slate Gray, Light Gray, Clay, Alabaster and Arctic White.

“HardScreen-Alu” is ideal to protect fading of wood floors, carpets and rugs, draperies and upholstery.  Passively, the aluminum lined solar fabric provides energy savings by preventing heat to enter through the window into your room thereby helping the air conditioner to be more effecient.  Conversely, heat is prevented from escaping the room during winter months.

“HardScreen-Alu” features:
- Flame retardant (will not produce flame) and is PVC free.
- OEKO-TEX & the Cradle to Cradle Certifications.
- 5 year guarantee
- Light weight (thickness is 0.36 mm)
- True color despite the Aluminum coating
- Cleaning the fabric with a sponge
- higher reflection compared to conventional screens
- low and stable transmission Values (OF5)

Based on the information above, clients recently selected this meterial for their West facing penthouse apartment in New York City.  The sun had poured into their windows for 7 hours a day.  Now, they are saving so much in energy costs with the UV protection afforded by “HardScreen-Alu”.

“HardScreen-Alu” is manufactured in Europe.  Technical table is available upon request.