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Regular Roller Shades

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Modern Roller Shades

Modern roller shades are not necessarily 'basic' anymore. Innovation now allows for single shades to span widths up to 14 feet with either motorized or lift assist manual operation. From decorative or opaque to solar or blackout materials, many fabric choices available take the basic to the extrordinary.

Plain appearing wall or ceiling brackets conceal highly engineered lift mechanisms providing for easy shade operation. Of course, lighter materials must be used for wider, single installations. Mounts are available in mat aluminum, lacquer colors, stainless steel or many other materials.

With an inside or IB mount the shading material is closer to the window minimizing light bleed from the shade edges. An outside or OB mount installation is rather forgiving of shallow frames or not so straight windows found in older construction. Of course, many windows may be covered by a single shade.

Roller Shade mounted in ceiling pocket Roller Shade mounted in ceiling pocket Roller Shade mounted in ceiling pocket

Ceiling Pockets for Roller Shades

If brought into the construction planning process early enough, many intriquing and cost effective shading solutions are available for design projects. For example, creating a ceiling soffit providing pockets along the edge of the room to mount roller shades can create a very clean and contemporary appearance.

Additionally, if motorized shades are desired, it is best to run the wiring before the walls are closed and painted.