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Ceiling Recessed Roller Shades

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Ceiling Recessed Roller Shades

Completely hiding the roll, recessed ceiling shade installations provide a very unobtrusive design solution to any interior. Not only may they be used in front of windows, their clean appearance suits them well to serving as temporary room dividers or to house a movie screen.

Units are provided already mounted in a housing. A simple click pressure operation is needed to secure the unit in place. Of course, wiring will need to already be in place as these installations are always motorized.

Dual Black-out Shade with side channels

Contained Recessed Roller Shade

Instead of recessing the roller shade mechanism into to the ceiling, the shade can be completely housed within a sleekly designed container. Utilizing the same material and including a cap, a new design opportunity presents itself.

Units maybe mounted on the wall or ceiling. These installations are always motorized.