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Glare Shading Panels

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Glare Shading Panels

A new maxim in today's window shading approaches is to maximize the benefits of daylight while not completely covering the windows. Glare from sun light is usually sourced not from an entire window but only a certain portion. As such, panels to cover only that portion allow the rest of the window to allow healthy, non-glaring sunlight to enter an interior space.

Sun Decor Fabrics provides two anti-glare shading options. One that employs a pivoting panel while another utilizes sliding panels. Both solutions not only filter out harmful solar rays but allow much more sun light to enter a room than traditional solutions.

A wide selection of fabrics are available including solar and black-out materials.

A Selection of Glare Shading Panels
  • Anti-Glare Window Panels
  • Roller Shades with anti-glare pivoting panels.
NICE Remote Control NICE Remote Control NICE Remote Control NICE Remote Control NICE Remote Control

NICE - Elero Motors and Controls

All motorized shades at Sun Decor Fabrics feature Nice-Elero motors and control technology. Either by wall switches or hand held remote activation, control your roller shades with precision and ease.

One and five channel hand-held radio transmitters are available controlling multiple shades at once or individually. Feedback is visualized via LED displays.

A new, touchless wall switch may now be used allowing simple hand gestures to control the position of roller shades.