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Glare Protection System

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Anti-Glare Window Panel System

This window treatment option aims to allow clients more daylight while providing shade only where it is needed. After all, sunglasses only shade your eyes. So, no need to completely cover the window from top to bottom when covering only a part of it is enough to guarantee glare free comfort and protection.

Horizon is a window panel system without handles, cords or folds. Installations may be custom made up to 300 centimeters wide and incorporate anti glare fabrics, decorative fabrics with metalic weave, acoustic materials, plexiglass (acrylic) and even COM with approval. Optional, invisibly integrated motors are available to remotely move the panels up and down. All may be manually adjusted.

Horizon Glare Protection System

  • Allows interior space to be naturally lit
  • Continuous height adjustment for the optimal amount of daylight
  • Enlivening, natural light for enhanced productivity
  • Lower lighting costs
  • Custom sizing with simple and fast assembly
  • Panel covering to order