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Dual Roller Shades

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Dual Roller Shades

Combining two shades into one mount, dual roller shades offer many options throughout the day for controlling solar radiation, light and privacy. Usually mounted with special decorative brackets, they can present a solar shade over a blackout or privacy shade material with each having independant controls.

Shades may be regular or with reversed rolls in many materials including opaque, solar and blackout. They may have a cassette, facia or Valance top and come in manual chain, battery or motorize options with ceiling or wall brackets.

All motorized shades at Sun Decor Fabrics feature Nice-Elero motors and control technology including remote controls, wall switches, etc.

Dual Black-out Shade with side channels

Dual Roller Shade with Side Channels

While the facing shade hangs loose, the back shade may be installed with side channels providing complete blackout when lowered.

Installed inside the window frame, the shading material rides within a channel mounted on both sides thereby eliminating light leakage completly from the edges.

Dual Roller Shade with Cassette

The fabric head roll is contained within a fitted box as an integral part of the shade thereby increasing energy savings in your home. Combined with side channels, installations can achieve total blackout conditions.

Cassettes available in aluminum in 4 colors. Valances and decorative brackets are available alternatives. Systems may be manual or motorized (electrical or battery.) Child safety measures included standard. Outdoor cassette roller shade options are also available.

Dual Roller Shade with Cassette Dual Roller Shade with Cassette Roller Shade with Cassette and Side Channels